Time to move? Here you’ll find important information about moving out from PSOAS.

Clean the apartment 

Before moving out you must clean the apartment properly. Please remember that when moving out from a shared apartment also the shared parts of the apartment must be cleaned and all tenants living there are jointly responsible for cleaning the shared rooms (kitchen, hall and bathroom). If the apartment is not properly cleaned, the cleaning costs will be deducted from the deposit. The minimum charge is 50€ / apartment.

Take out all trash and excess items. Do not leave any food or other perishable items inside the apartment. You may, however, leave items that the next tenant may find useful. If you do, place them neatly in your room or the shared space. Also, remember to return the accessories borrowed from the recycling service back to Yliopistokatu 20 B. Remember that everything you wish to return to the recycling room must be clean. If there are items to be cleared out from the room/apartment, the costs will be deducted from the deposit. Do not leave posters on the walls.

Remember to leave the pillow, duvet and bed linen into your room, neatly folded on top of the bed. The janitors will check and collect them after you have left.

Sweep/vacuum-clean and WASH the floor, wipe clean tables, doors, wardrobes, also from the inside and with a detergent. Do not leave any food in the premises. If there is food or spices to be cleared out from the apartment, the costs will be deducted from the deposit. Please, discuss with your flat mates about cleaning the common premises before moving out.

You are also responsible for cleaning the common premises (the kitchen, the toilet and the bathroom). Clean the stove and the oven. Take out and recycle all the food. Sweep/vacuum-clean and wash the floor of the common premises, wipe clean tables, doors, wardrobes, also from inside, with a detergent. If you are the last one to leave the apartment, defrost the fridge. (N.B. To avoid the growth of mould in the fridge, make sure the fridge is properly defrosted and dried. Do not close the fridge door after you have switched it off.)

Prepare for the apartment check 

When a tenant moves out the apartment is checked. The apartment check has two parts: condition check and cleaning check. The condition checks begin in mid-month so that there is still enough time before the new lease to fix any flaws or damages found. The cleaning checks are made as close to moving out as possible. If a tenant moves out before the end of the month the cleaning check will be made right after the tenant has left. If the apartment being checked is a shared one, also the common spaces are checked. For the common spaces both the out-moving and staying tenants have a shared responsibility.

In the apartment check the janitor inspects the apartment for anything that needs maintenance or repairing and gives guidelines for cleaning. Based on the inspection, the janitor may order such maintenance or repair work that is due to normal wear and tear. For these the tenants will not be charged. The janitor may also order repair work for problems which were caused by the tenants and which tenants cannot repair themselves.

If you wish to be present during the apartment check, please contact the janitor directly. The number for the janitor is 010 5833 000. To make sure that a suitable time for the check is available, please contact the janitor a few working days in advance. If you have not agreed on a certain time for the check the janitor will use a maintenance key to enter the apartment. 

Clear the storage

Remember to clear your storage. Stuff that has been left to the storage will be removed and PSOAS is not responsible for them. If the storage is not cleared, the costs for emptying are charged from the tenant.

Return the keys

When the tenancy agreement ends you must return your keys to PSOAS housing office by 2 pm the last day of the month. If the last day of the month is weekend or holiday, the keys must be returned on the following working day by 12 pm, meaning you are allowed to stay in your apartment until Monday 12 pm. The right place for returning the keys depends on whether the housing location belongs to the southern area (returning point housing office downtown) or northern area (PSOAS Lounge). If the new tenant is not able to move in on time because of the old tenant’s delay in returning the keys, a fine of 50 € or daily rent – whichever is higher – will be charged from the out moving tenant.

If you need to return your keys outside office hours, please remember to use the envelope designed for that purpose. The envelope is given to each student when signing the tenancy agreement. Put the keys into the envelope and write your name and address on it. Drop the envelope into the key mailbox next to the PSOAS office front door. If you leave your keys inside the apartment, PSOAS will deduct 50 € from your deposit for the collection of the keys.

Submit the deposit refund form

In order to get your deposit back we need to have your banking information. To do so, please submit a deposit refund form here.

The deposit will be refunded to your bank account within a month after your tenancy agreement has ended. The deposit is returned completely (300 €), if all the payments have been made, the room and the common areas are in good condition and have been cleaned according to the instructions, the furniture is in place and the keys have been returned to PSOAS office. If the tenant has moved out, but the room needs cleaning or there are items in the room which need to be cleared out, or the tenant hasn’t returned the keys of made allt he payments, the costs of these are deducted from the deposit.

Banks usually charge some money for the international transfers. Therefore the exact amount that the tenant receives may be something else than 300 € even if no deductions are made by PSOAS. These charges are, however, usually low.