Tenant can rent their apartment intermediately to another student for a year at max. during, for example, exchange studies, military service or summer vacation. A tenancy agreement has to be made of such subleasing and a copy of it sent to PSOAS housing office. You can find the subleasing agreement form here. Without the subtenant’s information, we cannot, for example, open the door of the apartment if the keys are forgotten inside, so the information is important.

A tenant is not allowed to make profit through subleasing. The rent must be the same as the one PSOAS is charging. Only reasonable costs caused by the subleasing can be added (max. 50€/month).

Apartment can not be sublet if the main tenant no longer needs it. If the main tenant is no longer a student or has moved to another apartment permanently, the tenancy agreement has to be cancelled. When the tenancy agreement ends, the apartment is rented out according to the queues. Subtenants do not have a right to stay in the apartment.

Tenants may not sublet their apartment without a valid reason or exchance apartments with each other.

Any violation of the rules may lead to a termination of tenancy.

If you are planning to sublease your apartment, please bear in mind that all the responsibilities you have towards your lessor PSOAS continue to exist also during the subleasing. Therefore it is important that your subtenant is trustworthy. We recommend that you perform a credit check on the potential subtenant before entering into any agreement with them. This can be done for instance using the services of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.

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