Welcome to Flat exchange! Here, any PSOAS tenants can sublease their apartment to another student for a period of time, for example the summer. You can also sign up for a search of an apartment for yourself.

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PSOAS tenants can sign up their apartment for subleasing for a maximum period of one year. Therefore, if you are going to another town for a summer job, internship, or out of the country for an exchange, you don’t necessarily have to give up your apartment. Instead, you can sublease it for another student or someone staying in Oulu impermanently. If you are looking for a place to stay for a period of time yourself, can our Flat exchange be the solution in that case too.

PSOAS Flat exchange is only operating as an ad space connecting students and available apartments. Counterparts should always contact directly each other. The latest posts are at the top of the page and they are held on the list for two weeks at a time.

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Ilmoituksen tiedotInformation

Voit hakea asuntosi osoitteen mukaan.You can look up your apartment by address.

Vuokran tulee noudattaa PSOASin perimää vuokraa. Vain kohtuulliset kalustamisesta aiheutuvat kulut voidaan lisätä vuokraan asunnon ollessa kalustettu. The amount must be equalent to the actual rent by PSOAS. Expenses due to the furnishing of the apartment can be covered only with a reasonable exceeding amount.

€ / kk
€ / kk€ / month

Lisää asunnosta kuvia. Kuvat lisäävät asunnon houkuttelevuutta ja vuokrauksen todennäköisyyttä. PSOASilla on oikeus käyttää kuvia myöhemmin muussa markkinointiviestinnässään.

Max. 6 kuvaa, max. 2 mb / kuva
Add photos of the apartment. Pictures add value to the ad of your apartment and therefore it is more likely to be leased. PSOAS have a right to use the photos later in their marketing communications.

Max. 6 pictures, max. 2 mb / picture.


Asunnon ilmoittajan tiedotPersonal information

Asunnon hakijan tiedotApplicant information

Looking to rent

Yliopistokatu 40 A 209
Family - 2H + kk, 46.50m2
500€ / mo

Leasing time
01.09.2024 - 13.12.2024

Period : 1st September 2024 - Mid December 2024 (negotiable if needed for longer term) Rent - 500€/month (water included) A fully furnished two-room apartment(2H+KK+Balcony) is available in Linnanmaa. Only 300m to the university entrance. The apartment is clean and spacious. The bus stop is just 100m away. The tenant is responsible for home insurance and electricity costs. Common sauna, laundry and club room are included in the rent. Sauna is in the same building and laundry is just next door. Please feel free to contact me with any questions

Nipuna Jayanath

Tiedonkaari 6 B 5/1
Shared (male) - 2H + k, 12.30m2
300€ / mo

Leasing time
12.08.2024 - 29.01.2025

Hi, I would like to sublease my room in a shared apartment. (Your private room with independent key) Basically, you will share a kitchen, a bathroom, and a shower with your flatmate, but your flatmate cannot access your room without your key. There is only one roommate, and other bathrooms and showers are also available within the flat property area, so there is no congestion in the bathroom! The apartment is about 1 km from the Oulu university and has an excellent bus connection to the university and the city center. (Weekdays Morning: about every 4-10 mins, Last bus on Friday night: 3:40 (Saturday)) There are multiple grocery stores within 1 km. It's of course possible to walk to school or stores within 15 mins. The apartment was renovated in 2015 – 2016 and is well maintained. The private room size is about 12m2. The shared kitchen comes with basic cooking equipment (Fridge & freezer, knife, cutting board, etc.) The room is furnished. (Desk x2, office chair, wooden chair, bed x1) There might be changes, but I will likely leave these things in my room. You will also get access to a laundry room, sauna, and club room (where you can host a party) for free! Parking is available with additional payments (15 EUR per month) The rent is only 300 EUR per month including water, electricity and internet. The room is available from the middle of August to the end of January. A deposit is required in advance. *Please note that pictures are not promising furniture in the room. Most electrical appliances will be removed from the room (e.g. computers) I will prepare a list of furniture in the room before we make a contract. The room is suitable for both exchange and degree students. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! I am willing to help you 🙂

Neo Haishi

Yliopistokatu 14/209
Studio - 1H + k, 33.50m2
250€ / mo

Leasing time
04.07.2024 - 30.07.2024

Its in Yliopistokatu 16 A/209A clean, furnished and no roommate.

Getnet Demil

Rantakatu 6 B 1
Family - 2H + k, 43.00m2
510€ / mo

Leasing time
01.09.2024 - 30.11.2024

Kalustettu asunto vuokrataan määräajaksi, koska itse töissä määräajan toisella paikkakunnalla. Kaksikerroksinen kaksio ydinkeskustassa, ihanassa puutalossa rauhallisella sisäpihalla.

Hannamaria Korhonen


Apartment wanted

max 400€ / mo

I am Rahul Saha. I am from India and I work for a Finnish bank as a cyber security engineer. I am initially located in Helsinki but because of my work I have to operate from Oulu office in August and part of September so I am looking for a shared department rental during this period please thanks

Rahul Saha

Shared / Studio
max 350€ / mo

I am African female, age 25, from South Africa and I am actively studying for MSc. I am looking for a shared apartment because I am on a Research visit at the University of Oulu from August to end of October 2024. I am responsible clean and quite and I understand the importance of keeping a respectful environment and I take pride in being considerate of my neighbours and the shared spaces.

Blessing Sekhwela

max 270€ / mo

I will be joining University of Oulu on August first week, 2024

Aritra Ghosh

Studio / Family
max 500€ / mo

Hei! Olen Emilia, kolmannen vuoden rakennusarkkitehtiopiskelija ja etsin itselleni asuntoa Oulusta syyskuusta 2024 alkaen! Vuokralaisena olen rauhallinen ja luotettava, en tupakoi enkä omista lemmikkejä. Asunnon tarve minulla olisi joko koko alkavaksi lukuvuodeksi syyskuusta 2024 huhtikuun 2025 loppuun tai vaihtoehtoisesti vain syyslukukaudeksi 2024 (syys-joulukuulle).

Emilia Kekki

max 500€ / mo

Coming to Oulu early for a summer course and looks like I may not have anywhere to live so may need an apartment for the month of August and hoping to have my application for an apartment filled by 1st September when my masters degree starts.

Sophie Platt


max € / mo

As a visiting scholar at Oulu University, the time limit is until April 30, 2025. I need a family apartment or studio. If you have relevant information, please contact me.

yong hong

Shared / Studio
max 250€ / mo

I am planning to do my exchange program at university of Oulu from Jan. 2025 to June 2025, so I am looking for a place to live.

+886 919254738

max 250€ / mo

looking only for 2 months around 10 KM radious of oulu univercity.

anapayan Parameswaran