The following three values are the guidelines of the daily operations of PSOAS, the Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland. The purpose of these values is to help the foundation and its personnel to carry out their basic assignments as well as possible.

Customer-oriented approach

Our foundation was established thanks to an initiative by the students. Customer-oriented approach means that we operate in a customer-oriented manner and that following the operational idea of the foundation is a matter of honour to us. We want to offer our young resident community unforgettable stories about student housing where the residents themselves have a significant ability to influence the structures of good student housing and living.


Sustainable way of living is visible in all our actions. We commit to taking care of the environment together with our residents when using, constructing and maintaining the buildings. Projects aiming towards energy efficiency are a part of our everyday operations. We promote the change of consumer habits towards a more energy intelligent way of living. Strong business economy and responsible maintenance of assets form the basis for the operations of the whole foundation.


We build a good community spirit that helps us to commit to achieving the goals we have set together. We want to cooperate with our partners, service providers and residents in a determinate manner in order to achieve our common goals. We are open-mindedly looking for partnerships that benefit our residents, but we always keep the best of the residents and the purpose of the foundation in our mind.