Deposit is the tenant’s guarantee on that he or she will take care of their obligations and takes good care of their apartment. All exchange students are required to pay a deposit of 300 € (shared apartments) or 400 € (studios) as well as an administration fee of 125 € before arrival. The deposit and the administration fee must always be paid before signing the tenancy agreement. The deposit is refundable but the administration fee is non-refundable. An invoice for the deposit and the administration fee is sent together with the apartment offer. In order to accept the offer please pay the deposit and administration fee before the due date and confirm your acceptance by sending an e-mail to If the deposit and the administration fee remain unpaid after the due date the offer is no longer valid.

When paying the deposit please use the reference number provided on the invoice. Without the reference number we cannot identify your payment. If you are unsure how to make the payment, please contact your local bank office for assistance.

When you move out the deposit will be refunded to your bank account within a month after your tenancy agreement has ended. In order to get your deposit back you have to inform us your banking information. To do so, please submit a deposit refund form here. The deposit (300 € / 400 €) will be refunded completely, if all the payments have been made, the room and the common areas are in good condition and have been cleaned according to the instructions, the furniture is in place and the keys have been returned to PSOAS office. If the tenant has moved out, but the room needs cleaning or there are items in the room which need to be cleared out, or the tenant hasn’t returned the keys or made all the payments, the costs of these are deducted from the deposit.

Banks usually charge some money for the international transfers. Therefore the exact amount the tenant receives may be something else than the original amount even if no deductions are made by PSOAS. These charges are, however, usually low.