If the tenant has taken care of the apartment, cleared and cleaned it, paid all the bills and fulfilled the duties listed in the housing guide, the deposit will be refunded within a month from ending of the lease.

If the apartment needs to be cleaned after the tenant has moved out, the minimum charge is 50 € which consists of both the actual cleaning and the administrative work. The costs will be deducted from the deposit if the tenant is moving out from PSOAS. In case of an internal move the cleaning costs will be invoiced. Please note that the responsibility for the electricity costs will only end when the keys are returned.

If the bank account is located in a non-SEPA country (Single Euro Payments Area) the Finnish bank will charge 30 € for the international wire transfer. The receiving bank may also charge for the transfer. Therefore the exact amount the tenant receives may be something else than the original amount even if no deductions are made by PSOAS.

In order to get your deposit back please inform us your banking details below.

Deposit Refund

  • The owner of the account may also be someone else than the actual tenant (eg. the tenant's parent or other close relative)
  • Bank's name, delivery address, city, state, country
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