Picking up the apartment keys

When arriving you will receive two keys which open the front door, the door to the apartment, the door to your room, and the mailbox. The keys also give access to the common rooms. The keys of the apartment are given to your Kummi student before your arrival and you will get your keys from them. If you are not sure who your Kummi is please contact the University. The tenant does not have the right to make extra copies of the keys. For security reasons do not leave the address of the room in the key chain when receiving the keys.

How to use iLoq keys

Remember to close all doors when you leave the apartment and keep the keys with you at all times. If you lock yourself out of your apartment, a spare key can be borrowed from PSOAS Studio, Mannenkatu 6 A (9 am – 4 pm) or by calling the Round-the-Clock-service number 010 5833 000. Be prepared to prove your identity. The costs of the door opening service during weekdays from 7 am to 4 pm with a cash payment is 20€ or invoice 30€. At other times 50€ cash payment or invoice 60€. If you borrow a spare key remember to return it back to the office as soon as possible!

If the apartment key ends up missing, the lock has to be replaced. The tenant pays the expenses of replacing the lock which is 150 €. The tenant will get an invoice soon after the order has been made. In locations where the iLOQ system is in use, it is possible to remove keys from locks without physical installation work. In such cases the charge for a misplaced key is 50 €.

Returning the apartment keys

When the tenancy agreement ends you must return your keys. There are boxes for the keys on the ground floor of Tellervontie, Tutkijantie (staircase C), Tirolintie and Yliopistokatu 16. Keys can be returned in the boxes or to PSOAS Lounge (Paavo Havaksen tie 5 at the University of Oulu). There are boxes for the keys also outside the office. One next to the front door inside the University and another one outside the office in front of stair case C. Return the keys in an envelope with your name + address clearly marked.

If the last day of the month is weekend or holiday the keys have to be returned by the following working day 12 pm. If the keys are not returned in time PSOAS will charge daily rent until the keys are returned.

If you need to return your keys outside the office hours just put the keys into an envelope, write your name and address on it and drop the envelope into the key mailbox either at your location or next to the PSOAS office front door. If you leave your keys inside the apartment, PSOAS will deduct 50 € from your deposit for the collection of the keys.

If you give the keys directly to the new tenant, it is your responsibility to agree on the apartment check with the janitor. The apartment has to be cleaned and checked before you hand over the keys. You will also need to sign this form with the new tenant to document the keys given and the condition of the apartment. Please bring or e-mail the signed form to the housing office.

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