This list will help you to remember all the important things when moving into your apartment.

Sign the tenancy agreement and pick up the keys

Sign your tenancy agreement and pick up the keys from the housing office when your lease begins. Depending on the location of your apartment you can either get your keys from PSOAS Studio at Mannenkatu 6 A (southern area) or PSOAS Lounge at the University (northern area). The keys can be picked up starting from 12 pm on the first working day of the lease.

In case the previous tenant returns the keys earlier and the apartment check has been done and everything is in good condition it is possible to get the keys earlier. It is also possible to take the keys directly from the previous tenant. If you wish to do so make sure that the apartment check has been done in the apartment. Please also document the keys given as well as the condition of the apartment by signing this form. Email the signed form to

The keys will give you access to your apartment as well as all the shared facilities. The key is personal and it must be used with extreme caution. If it gets lost, please contact the housing office immediately, because the lock of the apartment has to be changed for security reasons. The tenant is responsible for the costs of changing the lock. If you wish to have an extra key, it is possible to have it made through the housing office. When moving out also the extra keys must be returned.

Register to OmaPSOAS

Laundry and sauna turns and parking places can be reserved from the OmaPSOAS service. In addition PSOAS uses the contact information entered into the system for informing tenants. Register to OmaPSOAS at by clicking on the Forgot your password -link. The email address to be used is the one you have given when applying for housing. After registration you can change the email address if necessary. Your OmaPSOAS username and password stay the same when you change the apartment inside PSOAS.

Fill out the apartment report

After moving in check out the condition of the apartment and submit an apartment report within four days from moving in at OmaPSOAS. By doing this you can make sure that you will not be held responsible for possible damages caused by the previous tenant. If there are damages that require immediate repairing please submit a fault report.

Send a notification of move

Remember to inform the Finnish Population Register Center about your new address. The easiest way to send the notification of move is to do it online on or . It is also possible to do it by phone on 0203 456 456. If you forget to submit the notification of move it is not guaranteed that you will receive your mail in Finland!

Electricity contract

Please note that PSOAS does not cut off the electricity when apartments are empty. New tenants must get their own electricity contract at least two weeks before the start of the lease. When the tenancy agreement starts with a shorter notice, the electricity contract must be made immediately. If tenants have not made their own electricity contract, electricity comes from the electricity provider Oomi. There is a 15-day transfer period to another electricity provider.

Remember to insure your personal belongings

If you have insurances in your home country, find out if they cover potential damages to your belongings abroad. In most cases PSOAS’ real estate insurances do not cover damages on the tenant’s property. An insurance costing only a few euros a month may save you thousands of euros.

Check the fire alarm

In case fire breaks out in the apartment every second is important. The room will be full of smoke in 2-3 minutes. The fire alarm reacts to smoke and wakes up a sleeping person. PSOAS is responsible for the functionality of the fire alarms. If the alarm is not working it is tenant’s responsibility to inform PSOAS about it. When the battery is running out it gives short signals.

Internet connection

A fixed Internet connection is available in all PSOAS apartments. The connection is offered together with the Internet service provider DNA. Read more about the Internet connection here

Remember to pay your rent

The rent must be paid by the 5th day of each month using the personal rent payment form given by PSOAS. The rent always includes water (exception: Villentalo, Ylioppilaantie 2) and heating expenses. Please check the rent payment instructions here.

Get to know your flat mates

In shared apartments please remember to agree on ”common rules” with your flat mates. This will help you to keep the common areas in good condition and clean as well.

Be careful when furnishing the apartment

When hanging objects on the wall fixing cleats found on the walls must be used. If there are no fixing cleats, a maximum of 2-3 proper fixing hooks can be attached in one room. Adhesive fixing hooks may only be used on tile surfaces of sanitary rooms. It is not allowed to fix objects on door or window frames. Breaking the surfaces of doors or closets is strictly forbidden. Fixtures must be left on their places when moving out.

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