Paying the rent and other fees

Every tenant is personally responsible for paying their rent. The rent must be paid in advance by the 5th of each month with a personal rent payment form provided by PSOAS.

You can pay the bills either through online bank or in a local bank (note that banks charge service fee for each payment) via wire transfer. You can also make an international transfer from your bank account in your home country. The rent bill includes all the necessary bank codes that you need for an international transfer. If you pay internationally, remember to make sure that the payment is a “full amount payment”. PSOAS has to receive the full amount mentioned in the bill. All bank fees must be paid by the customer. Please note that the rent cannot be paid in cash or by credit card and the rent cannot be deducted from the deposit.

When paying, use the reference number that can be found on your rent payment form. The reference number is person- and apartment-specific and it prevents errors. If you do not use the right reference number or inadvertently leave it out, your payment cannot be identified. As a result, we think you have not paid your rent. Please also check that the amount you are about to pay and the due date are correct.

PSOAS bank details:

BANKIBAN (account number)BIC
Oulun Osuuspankki FI15 5741 3620 0685 41OKOYFIHH
Danske BankFI32 8000 1500 9075 72DABAFIHH
HandelsbankenFI89 3131 3001 1378 01HANDFIHH
NordeaFI41 1585 3000 0198 64NDEAFIHH

If the tenancy agreement is made together with a friend or a spouse, you have a joint responsibility for paying the rent, until one or both of you leave a cancellation of the tenancy agreement.

The amount of the rent is based on the location and the age, size and standard of the equipment in the apartment. In most of our apartments heating, usage of laundry and sauna, water and Internet fees are included in the rent. You can check the fees and services in the location listing. Other fees, such as parking space are charged in connection with the rent.

Please notice that PSOAS does not send any confirmations about received rent payments and doesn’t need any receipts of them unless requested. As long as you use your personal reference number, the payment will register automatically. If you are ever unsure if the rent payment has arrived, you may ask us to check of course.

Housing subsidies

Kela will process the matters concerning students’ housing benefits and allowances. For more information visit Kela’s office at Sepänkatu 18 or

Problems with paying the rent?

If you are unable to pay your rent in time, please contact us.