Anyone can come across an unexpected situation in life which results in financial difficulties. If it happens, the most important thing to do is to contact the lessor right away to agree on a payment plan.

If you end up in financial problems and cannot pay your rent in time, do as follows:

If the tenant doesn’t pay their rent and other fees by the due date, an interest is charged for the excess time period in accordance with the interest law, and fees are charged for the reminder bills.

It is possible to pay the rent approximately 14 days after the due date without receiving a reminder. For this time PSOAS will only charge for the penalty interest (charged separately biannually). Around two weeks after the due date PSOAS will send a reminder bill, which includes collection charges worth of 5 €. If you are unable to pay the rent even on the due date of the reminder bill, please contact the housing office and agree on a payment plan. By agreeing on a payment plan it is possible to avoid the debt transferring to a collection agency. The reminder fee 5 € will be charged even though a payment plan has been made for the debt.

If the payment plan isn’t agreed upon or if it is not followed, the debt will be transferred to a collection agency who collect the debt on behalf of PSOAS. This will automatically result more costs for the tenant.

The tenancy agreement can be cancelled by the lessor without a cancellation period due to unpaid rent. When necessary, an eviction will be sought. Such measures are, however, only taken when the tenant intentionally neglects the responsibility to pay the rent and takes no initiative to correct the situation.

The same collection policies apply to other bills that PSOAS sends as well, such as renovation or cleaning bills.

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