This is how the Fast Lane works:

  1. If none of the available apartments on the website are suitable for you, leave a housing application in This way you are on the Fast Lane. You and other Fast Lane candidates will be now offered apartments that meet the requirements ticked in the application forms.
  2. You have two days to address your interest towards the apartment offered to you. The applicant that meets the requirements of the tenant requirements gets to choose first in the Fast Lane. In case they don’t accept the offer, the apartment goes to the next one in line in Fast Lane. If you have any agenda to move apartments in the near future, leaving an application is worthwhile as the apartments suggested for you will not be changing your rank in the Fast Lane.
  3. If you didn’t catch the apartment you wanted this time, don’t worry – Fast Lane will always suggest new apartments when they become available. You can influence on how many suggestions you receive by not narrowing the options too limited.

Join the Fast Lane here.