Some of the PSOAS common areas are accessed by mobile phone. The solution is developed by
iLOQ and it enables the management of access rights without an actual physical key.

S50 lock used for phone openings

Different use cases for phone keys

  1. Temporary access right: It is possible to request a temporary access right to some free services through OmaPSOAS. The access right is valid for the time specified in the OmaPSOAS service settings. After the time has expired, you can reactivate the access right in OmaPSOAS
  2. Continuous access right: In the case of paid services, the access right may be valid indefinitely. To become a user of the service, register in OmaPSOAS. For example, the right to use the gym is valid until the tenant terminates it in OmaPSOAS or the tenancy agreement expires.
  3. Time-bound access right: For some reservable services, the access right is time-bound. A typical use case is club rooms, where the telephone key works for the duration of the shift reserved in OmaPSOAS and is removed at the end of the shift.

Activating the phone key

  1. Make sure that your phone number is in the international format in OmaPSOAS (e.g. in Finland the country code +358 followed by the phone number without the first zero).
  2. Depending on the phone, download the iLOQ S50 app from Google Play or App Store.
  3. Become a user of a service that utilizes phone access or book a turn for one.
  4. Open the SMS sent by the iLOQ system.
  5. Click on the activation link of the SMS. If your phone asks which application to use, choose iLOQ S50. The link is valid for 120 hours.
  6. Enter the five-digit activation code in the S50 app.

Using the phone key to open an S50 lock

Once the phone key has been successfully activated, it can be used to open the S50 lock to which access has been granted. Opening is done by placing the phone’s NFC antenna against the black S50 reader. When the phone key has been successfully read, the door is opened by rotating the black NFC reader. You can download a video of the opening here.

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