Every property has a water central heating. The thermostatic radiator vents have been adjusted so that the thermostat would keep the temperature of the room level automatically.

Please notice that your room’s radiator might feel cold even though it would be freezing outside, because the radiator thermostat has shut the water flow in the radiator after the room temperature has reached the default temperature set in the thermostat. The radiator shouldn’t either be warm on it’s whole surface, but in a correctly adjusted radiator the temperature of the circulating water should cool down even several tens of degrees, when, for example, the upper end of the radiator would feel warm and the lower end cold.

The temperature of the room can be chanced with the adjustment part of the radiator vent. Suitable room temperature is according to studies around +20 – +21 °C. People tend to sleep better in slightly lower temperature, at around +19 °C. Lowering the temperature by one centigrade will lower the energy required for the heating by 5 – 7 %.

The thermostat vent may not be covered with curtains or large furniture, since then the thermostat will cut out the heating of the room and the room temperature will cool down. The opposite will occur, if the thermostat is cooled down and the radiator is overheated, while energy will be wasted. This will add to the housing costs and will be visible sooner or later in rising rents.