The situation with the corona pandemic has been better in Finland and especially in the Oulu region during the summer despite the slight increase in the infection numbers lately. The situation and instructions given by the officials’ are being monitored and new directions will be handed out when necessary.

PSOAS accommodation offices in downtown and Linnanmaa are serving tenants as usual. Customers are, however, advised to use electronic channels and phone service when possible to avoid unnecessary encounters. For those visiting the office face masks are available. Wearing them is highly recommended. If you have any symptoms of a flu, do not visit the offices.

Key return points outside the offices are to be used when returning the keys. When doing so, please use an envelope with the apartment address on it.

Property supervisors and janitors are at work as usual but will be avoiding unnecessary apartment visits. Apartment checks are being done as usual.

If someone in your household falls ill, the quarantine resulting from that applies to all tenants living in the apartment. This goes for shared apartments too. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer temporary housing to those fallen ill or others living with them. The use of common areas, such as the laundry room, is forbidden if you suspect an infection. For more information see the instructions given by the Finnish institute for health and welfare.