Many students leave Oulu for internships or distance learning. However, you don’t always want to give up your apartment or transport all your property back and forth. In this case, it is worth renting the apartment forward, in which case you will not pay rent in vain for an apartment that you do not use.

The Flat Exchange on our website is for temporary rental, where both apartment seekers and renters can post their ads. The contract is always between the main tenant and the subtenant. Take a look at our Flat Exchange here.

But things don’t always go as planned. Unfortunately, especially due to the corona situation, exchanges and internships have had to be canceled. We’ve put together a few tips on how to prepare for problems in advance:

Always remember to send a copy of the contract to the PSOAS housing office as well. This way we know who to contact if necessary. The information must also be available if, for example, the keys are forgotten in the apartment and a spare key or a janitor is needed.

PSOAS offers rental apartments for students in Oulu

Learn more about the apartments and areas and fill in the application. PSOAS has shared apartments, studios and bigger apartments.

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