We want to provide as equal possibilities as possible for all applicants to become a tenant in PSOAS’ apartments, according to these ground rules:

  1. Applications are processed and set in queue in the order of arrival.
  2. Applications are valid for 60 days. It is possible to renew the application simply by contacting the housing office, for example by email (asuntotoimisto@psoas.fi).
  3. In case an apartment is not reserved 5 working days before the turn of the month, the apartment is opened for applications.
  4. In August, September and October, new out-of-town students are prioritised in the queue for all types of apartments. Due to the high peak season, internal moves are not offered during this time.
  5. In the tenant selection for state-subsidized houses the prevailing rules and regulations must be followed. According to these regulations, applicants’ income and wealth data are to be taken into consideration when offering apartments. For instance researchers working for the university are offered apartments where no state subsidies have been used.
  6. Applicants’ credit rating will be checked.