The tenancy agreement can be signed at the PSOAS housing office at Mannenkatu 6 A, 90130 Oulu or at PSOAS Lounge in Paavo Havaksen tie 5, 90570 Oulu.

At the same time also the terms of the tenancy agreement are signed. These are delivered with the housing offer, and it is recommended to take a look at them in advance. It is also recommended to preserve the terms together with the tenancy agreement, as they contain important data considering the agreement. The deposit has to be paid before the agreement is being made. Otherwise the agreement cannot be signed and keys not handed over.

The tenancy agreement is usually made to be in force until further notice, but if the length of the residence is already known while the agreement is being done, a fixed-term contract is also possible. The tenancy agreement always begins from the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month.