Every exchange student has to sign a tenancy agreement for their apartment. The tenancy agreement is an agreement written in duplicate between the tenant and the lessor and it looks after the interest of both.

Signing the tenancy agreement

Before signing the tenancy agreement a deposit must be paid. You can read more about the deposit here. The tenancy agreement is always a fixed term agreement for a certain period of time. The obligation to pay the rent begins on the same day when the agreement starts and the tenancy is valid until the date mentioned in the agreement. The rent has to be paid for the whole rental period, even if you want to leave before the rental period ends. Note that because the tenancy agreement is for a fixed term, you cannot change it after you have signed it. Before you sign the tenancy agreement please check the rental period.

You can rent the room only for the same period of time as you have been granted the right to study in Oulu. So, if your studies start in September we will automatically reserve the room for you from the 1st of September. However, the maximum rental period is 12 months. Flats are changed only for a cogent reason (e.g. medical reason).

The tenancy agreement will be signed online after you have accepted the housing and paid the deposit. Please save a copy of the agreement to yourself in case you need it later on. After signing the agreement you are obliged to act according to the terms of the tenancy agreement. Please, read through the terms carefully. Please also note that signing the tenancy agreement is absolutely necessary. A penalty fee of 85 € is charged for failing to sign the agreement in time.

Extending the tenancy agreement

If you wish to stay in your room longer than you have signed the tenancy agreement for, it is usually possible to extended the agreement. For extending the agreement, please contact PSOAS office two months in advance. For example, if you wish to renew your agreement which ends on the 31st of May and would like to stay in your apartment also in June, you should contact PSOAS by the 31st of March.

Terminating the tenancy agreement

The tenancy agreement is always made for a fixed term and it cannot be terminated during the lease. The agreement will end on the date mentioned in the agreement. Separate notice of termination from the tenant is not needed.