Your monthly rent includes water, electricity, Wifi, furniture and bed linen. The rent is determined by the PSOAS Board of Directors and the University of Oulu. The calculation of the rent is based on the actual operating costs. Exchange students’ apartments are typically empty during the summer months and this idle cost is taken into consideration in the rent calculation.

The rent is paid monthly, starting from the month you have made the agreement for housing. Please notice that the rent is always paid for the whole month regardless of the date of arrival or the date of departure. The rent bill and instructions for paying are sent to you by e-mail before your arrival. The rent bill includes all the necessary information you need for paying the rent. You can pay all the rents at once or pay one rent per month. PSOAS has to receive the full amount mentioned in the bill so if you pay internationally, remember to make sure that the payment is a “full amount payment”. All bank fees must be paid by the tenant as well.

Instructions for paying the rent

Payment options

You can choose to make an international bank transfer or use Transfermate, an online money transfer service. Transfermate is recommended if you’re coming from outside the SEPA region ( All the information you need for the payment is provided on a separate rent payment form (attachment) that will be sent to you after you have signed the tenancy agreement.

If you make an international bank transfer please use the details provided on the rent payment form. If you are unsure how to make the payment please ask your bank office for assistance. If you send the money via Transfermate just go to and fill in all the details needed for the transfer.

Please notice that the rent cannot be paid in cash or by credit card at PSOAS office and the deposit cannot be used to cover any rent payments!

Use reference number

Please use your personal rent reference number provided on the rent payment form when paying! Using the reference number is crucial for registration of payments. Please notice that the rent reference number is different than the reference for the deposit.

Pay the rent in time

Due date for the rent is always the 5th of each month. If you cannot pay the rent in time please contact us as soon as possible. PSOAS and the universities have the right to terminate the tenancy agreement after only one unpaid rent and can ask you to leave the flat immediately without giving a term of notice first.

Please notice that PSOAS does not send any confirmations about received rent payments and doesn’t need any receipts of them unless requested. As long as you use your personal rent reference number, the payments will register automatically. If you are ever unsure if the rent payment has arrived, you may ask us to check of course.

Problems with paying?

If you are unable to pay your rent in time, please contact us.