Your rent includes water, electricity and monthly Internet connection. ISEP-students and students coming from Washington College and UNCG within the bilateral agreements have paid their rent beforehand in their home country.

The rent is paid monthly, starting from the month you have made the agreement for housing. The rent payment instructions can be found in your PSOAS file. The rent has to be paid in advance by the 5th of each month. The rent is always paid for the whole month regardless of the date of arrival or the date of departure. You can pay the bills either through online bank or in a local bank (note that banks charge service fee for each payment).

You can also make an international transfer from your bank account in your home country. The rent bill includes all the necessary bank codes that you need for an international transfer. If you pay internationally, remember to make sure that the payment is a “full amount payment”. PSOAS has to receive exactly the sum mentioned in the bill. All bank fees must be paid by the customer. Unfortunately the rent cannot be paid in cash nor deducted from the deposit.

Always remember to use the reference number (at the bottom of the bill) when paying the bill. Also, keep the receipts of the paid rent bills! If you do not use the right reference number or inadvertently leave it out, your payment cannot be identified. As a result, we think you have not paid your rent. PSOAS and the universities have the right to cancel the tenancy agreement after only one unpaid rent and can ask you to leave the flat immediately without giving a term of notice first.

Instructions for paying the rent

  1. Due date for the rent is always the 5th of each month.
  2. Always use the reference number.
    • You will find the reference number on the bottom of the paper.
    • There is usually a separate field for the reference number. If there isn’t, please write the reference number in the free text field.
    • If someone else pays the rent on your behalf, they must use the reference number.
  3. You can pay all the rents at once or pay one rent per month.