Please keep your dorm clean. When you take care of the cleaning on a regular basis, you will surely have it a lot easier and your apartment will be more comfortable. To live in a shared flat is at its best a life experience that provides you with lifetime of friends and memories. Be right at home, but keep your room mates in mind. Agree on cleaning days and shifts. 

There are no cleaning services in Tellervontie 2, Tutkijantie 2, Yliopistokatu 16 & 18 and Ylioppilaantie 4. Therefore cleaning shifts have to be organized. Each shift lasts for one week, from Monday to Sunday. PSOAS staff will place cleaning lists near the shared apartment main door. Tenants are responsible for assigning the weekly shifts equally. The cleaning lists and tidiness of the apartments are checked on a regular basis. If the apartment is found unclean the person responsible for the cleaning will be given a note. If the note does not help, PSOAS will have the dorm cleaned and you and your flat mates will be charged for the cleaning. In Tirolintie 2 a cleaning company cleans the common rooms of the 7-room shared apartments once a week. Despite this the tenants are still responsible for the tidiness of the common rooms as described above.

It is very important to recycle your waste. The waste must be sorted in the following way before dropping it in the waste containers:

Please note that in Finland you can recycle most glass and plastic bottles as well as tin cans. Take the bottles and cans to the nearest grocery store and you’ll get back the bottle price!