PSOAS apartments can be applied for by anyone studying in Oulu. You can leave your application either at PSOAS housing office or these webpages.

You can apply for a student apartment with an application form. The form can be filled in at the housing office or on the Internet. Application is valid for 90 days and the applicant has to renew the application after that. You can renew your application simply by emailing to or calling the housing office. Often, unfortunately, one has to queue for an apartment and information on the queue status is not available. We will contact you as soon as possible, when an apartment is available.

Who are eligible to apply for a student apartment?

PSOAS apartments are open for application to all students above the compulsory school level in Oulu; students of universities, universities of applied sciences, intermediate schools, upper secondary schools, vocational schools and equivalent schools. Please refer to the criteria for tenant selection.


You must deliver a study certificate or a certificate of approval to a school as an enclosure to your application. Certificate must be presented at latest when the tenancy agreement is signed.


The deposit has to be paid before signing the tenancy agreement. The deposit is the tenant’s guarantee on that he or she will take care of their obligations and takes good care of their apartments. The deposit is 300€/tenant in shared flats and 400€/tenant in other forms of housing.

Upon the expiry of the lease, the lessor may charge from the deposit for damage or additional cleaning, etc. In case the apartment is in good condition and all of the obligations are taken care of, the deposit will be returned to tenant’s bank account within one month of the expiry of the lease.