PSOAS student apartment tower UNO is the first residential building in Oulu built entirely in accordance with the class P1 cleanliness requirements. UNO is also the neatest worksite in Finland. This means that the tenants will get to enjoy pure indoor air and carefully made high-quality homes.

“The P1 cleanliness classification means that after the premises have been completed, no impurities caused by the construction will carry into their indoor air. All surfaces have been treated with at least dust-binding paint, insulation materials are protected and all materials are healthy for housing purposes,” says Jaakko Juola, the worksite supervisor of UNO at construction company Lapti.

The cleanliness classification requirements have been supervised by an external cleanliness management coordinator who inspects the premises regularly throughout the worksite’s progress. UNO’s level of cleanliness will be exceptional, as it is the first residential building in Oulu that reaches the P1 cleanliness class in its entirety. The advantage to the future tenants is obvious.

“Indoor air should be as pure as possible.”

UNO is the neatest worksite in Finland

UNO has also declared itself as the neatest worksite in Finland. In this context, being neat means that the worksite is healthy to the builders, the building itself and the tenants alike.

“This declaration has multiple meanings. At UNO, everyone is responsible for maintaining cleanliness at the worksite. We also have superior working conditions on the site. Every day is a great day on the worksite, so it’s a pretty neat place to work in that way, too!” Juola says.

In addition to these factors, there are high expectations for the UNO worksite not only in terms of its cleanliness classification, but also by Lapti, PSOAS and actually the entire City of Oulu, as the 16-storey building is the third highest in the city and is in a highly visible location. It will stand as a landmark to the city residents and as a beacon to those coming and going.

According to Juola, cleanliness was highlighted as an important factor at the UNO worksite partly because the small plot demands efficient actions. In an apartment tower, all work stages of residential construction are under way at the same time.

“Construction sites are often considered dusty and loud. We wanted to work on changing this attitude; there is a different way of doing things. We are challenging the entire industry with this declaration. How can we get the best possible performance all the way through, starting from the employee level? Let’s create a worksite that is not just a place to work but the neatest worksite in Finland.”

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UNO is a landmark and home base for students and encourages a community based and active lifestyle with a top class gym, cycling facilities and plenty of exercise possibilities in the surrounding area. Gym, saunas, event venue and a large balcony with spectacular view over the city are all located on the top floor. Read more here.

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