PSOAS’ annual customer satisfaction survey was conducted in April. Our customers responded actively, as usual, and although the survey was quite long, we were able to gather opinions from more than 1 300 respondents. Many thanks for the feedback without which it would be impossible to develop our operations!

The survey presented 43 questions to which tenants gave a numerical value. Out of the 43, the grade increased in 39 and decreased in only 4 questions. This year, the average of all the grades given was 8.56, whereas last year it was 8.49. The most significant improvements were seen in the competitiveness of the levels of rent, the functionality of the phone service, informing tenants and the living environment. We have strived to work actively on behalf of all these issues and are pleased to see that our tenants have also noticed the outcomes of this work.

In terms of the decreased grades, the differences between this and the previous year were very small. However, the winter maintenance of yards was an issue that arose as statistically significant, and even more work will be invested in it in the future. A larger number of respondents also felt that the PSOAS website needs more images of the apartments. We have already taken on this challenge recently by offering tenants a chance to send photographs of their own apartment via our website and by promoting this through campaigns. In the future, adding images will be one of our main aims in the field of marketing and communication.

98 % of the survey respondents said that they would be willing to recommend PSOAS also to their relatives and friends. We are grateful for this trust and will do our best to remain trustworthy also in the future.

We raffled a 150 euro gift token to among the respondents, and the winner is Pauli Halkola from Höyhtyä. Congratulations to the winner and a great summer to everyone!

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