As usual, the annual and extensive PSOAS tenant satisfaction survey was organized in April 2024. 652 tenants shared their valuable views on our operations. Many thanks to all the respondents! Among all the respondents who provided their contact information, we raffled a 150-euro gift voucher to, and Oliver Kauppi took the prize. Congratulations to the winner!

There were six actual parts in the survey, plus a few general-level questions that are not directly related to any single part. Success was evaluated on a scale of 4–10. Some highlights from the different parts are below. You can find a detailed summary of the survey results here.

Customer service

The total rating for customer service remained at a commendable level and, as in the previous year, reached 8.9. Service-related friendliness was something tenants saw as very successful with a rating of 8.9. The weakest segment was the telephone service, which also reached a score of 8.6.

Property management

Property management achieved an all-time highest total overall rating of 8.8. Tenants’ estimates of the different aspects of property management were very even. The highest success rate of 8.9 was for handling fault reports, and the lowest success rate was 8.6 for availability.

Maintenance services and cleaning

Overall ratings for maintenance services and cleaning had fallen slightly from the previous year after a long upward trend. Maintenance services received an overall rating of 8.6 and cleaning received 8.5. The most room for development was felt to be in wintertime yard work (8.2), and the most success was seen in willingness to serve (8.6). At the same time, willingness to serve was also seen as the most important area, so succeeding there was especially gratifying.

Services during tenancy

As with property management, services during tenancy achieved an all-time high of 8.9. The best part was OmaPSOAS, rated at 9.0. In fact, there is constant investment in the development of OmaPSOAS for the service to work in the best possible way. The development wishes mentioned the possibility of viewing one’s own rental information and payment situation and although it will probably take some time to materialize, they are included in future development plans. The OmaPSOAS application was also asked after in several instances of feedback. However, for the time being, we do not intend to implement the app, as the cost of maintaining the application and regularly required version updates has been estimated to be too high with regard to the possible benefits.

Support for online services, estimated to be the weakest area of services during tenancy, reached a rating of 8.6. The question was about DNA’s support for the Taloyhtiölaajakaista broadband service, and although the result remained the weakest part of these services, it can also be considered quite good.


For apartments, the highest appreciation was for their location and rent level competitiveness (ratings 9.2 and 9.0). Based on the answers, these two areas are also the most important evaluation criteria for apartments. The bathrooms were seen as requiring the most development, and they were rated at 8.1. The total rating for apartments rose to an all-time high of 8.8.

Residential environment

Based on the responses of our tenants, public transport works well in the vicinity of our housing locations, as its result of 9.1 was the best out of all the questions regarding the residential environment. It was felt that waste sorting needed developing the most, which also achieved a result of 8.5.

Residents’ readiness to recommend PSOAS (NPS score) was 59. The result can range from -100 to 100, and when it is over 50, it is generally considered to be excellent. As to informing and meeting the needs of student housing, our tenants also felt these to be successful (with ratings 8.9 and 9.1).

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