We at PSOAS can solve your problem. Apply for a student apartment from us at an affordable, student-friendly price for the summer.

Alternatives can be found in both unfurnished and furnished apartments. A good option is to get an affordable shared apartment, where privacy and your own peace are provided by your own lockable room. The kitchen and bathroom roommates share with a common set of rules.

There are also furnished studios available at Tutkijantie 2, which can be rented until the end of July 2021. Furnished apartments are normally used by exchange students, but during the summer the locations are peaceful.

The rent includes water and internet, and you can book sauna and laundry shifts free of charge. In addition to the rent, there will only be a 10€ electricity fee/month and a security deposit of 250€ (400€ in studios). The security deposit will be refunded at the end of the tenancy.

Find out more about our vacant apartments and contact us!

Tirolintie 2A furnished room