Aurora was built in close proximity to city center, next to Åström Park, in 2013. It comprised small city apartments (small two-room apartments and studios). The house was based on creating a sense of community, featuring large communal spaces on every floor for the tenants to gather as they wish. The ground floor has a large, comfortable laundry room; the top floor has saunas, a clubroom and a gym. The courtyard does not include parking spaces, as owning a car is not necessary when living in city center. The house also included the first so-called individualized shared apartments, where every room had its own toilet and bathroom.

The latest technology was used for locking: an Iloq smart locking system was installed. Iloq smart locks afford security by combining a mechanical and electronic lock, which makes copying keys practically impossible.  There is no need for manual re-keying of locks, since a lost key can simply be removed from the system by re-programming. This keeps the maintenance costs at a much lower level compared to traditional locking systems. If there is any misconduct in the premises, the administrator can track people’s movements within the Iloq system.