PSOAS UNO is an exceptional construction project for the city due to its size and spectacular location. Building sixteen floors is no small feat, but the project has gone well, and we will soon be halfway through the job.

Construction work at PSOAS UNO is progressing according to plans and on schedule. In June 2023, the frame erection phase has progressed to the 13th floor and the building will reach its final, 16th-floor rooftop height in August. Currently, the completion rate is 40 %.

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“In such a tall building, the work is progressing interestingly as we don’t yet have the upper floors in place, but walls are already being painted and surface work is being finished on the lower ones. There is still work to be done on the inside as most of the building maintenance technology and interior surfaces are not yet finished,” says PSOAS property manager Eerik Junnikkala. 

If the work goes this smoothly until the end, the house will be ready in late winter of 2024. At the
moment, we are going through a delicious phase of choosing the final surface materials, such as
floors, tiles, wall colours, and cupboards. 

“Of course, all the relevant sizes and frames have already been planned, but the colour schemes are still on the design table. Architects’ office Sweco makes proposals for us, then the contractor Lapti tenders them, and the final choices are made from the ones that match all our requirements.”

Boldness for common spaces, lighter choices for apartments

The common spaces downstairs are getting a bolder and more colourful look compared to traditional rental house interiors. The apartments, on the other hand, have a more neutral and lighter colour scheme as to provide a good background for the different interior tastes of their residents. Each resident can incorporate colour and boldness with, for example, textiles and

“The apartments will have vinyl plank floors, and the washrooms will have tiled surfaces. The apartments are small, and the light surfaces create a sense of space. Of course, current trends affect apartment surfaces in ways that, for example, the wall tiles in the bathroom are bigger than before,” says Junnikkala.

In the selection of materials, in addition to the appearance, quality has been given special. consideration since the apartments are subject to heavy wear and tear due to turnover. The slipperiness of the materials and keeping them clean also affect the choice.

There have been no major changes during construction and the world situation has also settled somewhat, no longer causing issues for the project. In August, we will start building UNO’s parking garage, and something very special will be added to its side. You should wait for news about this.

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