Here at the department of property management and construction we have started rearranging and adjusting things – that is, cleaning out our archives and replacing office furniture.

Over the years, maybe decades, our cabinets, drawers, and archives have been filled with forms, papers, drawings, Christmas decorations, wine bottle corkers, tenant photos, souvenirs, bicycles, clothes and whatnot. By renewing the office furniture, our aim is to create an open, airy, and comfortable space to meet you, the tenants and also our partners.

At the office, we have comfy chairs for chatting and meeting tables for all of us and to make room for all of this ,we are recycling a number of file and storage cabinets. At the same time we’re forced to get rid of our lost property collection too. If you have forgotten, or know someone who has forgotten, items in the apartment or storage, please get in touch soonest possible with our property managers or myself, and we’ll check if any of those items are here with us. We must let go of all these items in June, so act fast!

As we work hard to tidy up our premises and archives – which is, mind you, no small idle task but a process that’ll take the better part of a year – we’ve decided to come up with some new ways to prevent our closets, corridors, and storage spaces from overflowing with extra papers and lost items. Some of these new methods include using electronic project banks, developing electronic archiving, and setting a time period for keeping lost items.

Naturally, we always try to find the rightful owner for every item using our detective skills or the contact information in our service register, but unfortunately we’re unable to always reach the owners. Starting from June 2017, we will keep the personal items found in our properties, apartments, and storage spaces that belong to tenants – current or past – for one year. One full year, and after that they’ll be recycled.

Our definition of personal items includes photographs, certificates, ID documentation, and other items that we perceive as having value for their owners. The valueless junk, rags, and trash will be thrown out. And we’ll certainly charge the waste management costs from the owner of these items whenever we can reach him/her.

So – for anyone planning to move or already packing their removal vans – please check once more all the closets and cupboards, storage spaces, bike storage areas and the like to ensure that none of your items are left behind as you go. And if you notice that something was indeed left behind, don’t hesitate to contact property management or customer service right away so that any items possibly found and collected by the housing inspector will quickly find their way back to you.

Wishing everyone moving out or in a pleasant, sunny and dry summer days, Leena

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