Hi primary school student, how are you planning to dwell as a student?

At the moment, it would be great to have a crystal ball for predicting the future.

PSOAS is currently involved in many projects outlining the future of student housing. The Finnish Association for Student Housing (SOA) Innovoi-project, reflects on and is excited about future student housing. I was given the opportunity to participate in a workshop with the property group , and it was a pleasure to see how brightly the future is being outlined. Based on what I saw, the foundations offering student housing are bravely developing and testing, and wish to stand out from the crowd.

In the workshop we gathered our thoughts and divided the tasks for the coming months. Unfortunately, as so often happens, the daily routines and tasks trample the innovation work under its feet. It is true, that there is no time for developing the new and thinking, unless you make room for it! Fortunately, many others have also been encouraged to begin and get started! We have, among other things, been given the opportunity to participate in the regional development of Kaijonharju in cooperation with Oulu City and the University Properties. The University, Kaijonharju and Syynimaa areas are important to us, and the decision to move the University of Applied Sciences will only increase the significance of the area. PSOAS’s strategic work is therefore also under way, and the third version of the planning directive is also in progress.

Research helps us to get forward

Future plans are based on good research and surveys carried out by our partners and other actors, the proposals and remarks made by our residents, and the professional skills of our governing bodies. On the basis of these, we will outline guidelines and stake out future ground.

The world is changing faster than ever: the development of building technology as well as machinery and equipment, has been fierce and the segmentation seems to be intensifying. In the future, some of the students may want to live in a tower, some in a yurt, some in a community and some alone. School, home and workspaces are transformed as the virtual world comes crashing into our living rooms, together with holograms into lectures or meetings. We are also a part of this transformation, and are already outlining details eg. on charging points for electric cars, multipurpose electronic locks, bicycle lending, versatility of apartments and countless other themes.

What kind of wild thoughts and hopes do you have when it comes to future living?

I would very much like to hear and read about your thoughts, hopes and ideas for future student living. The project planning of upgrading existing housing and newbuilds for the future starts and is continuously rotating, so there is always a perfect time for new influences!

Wishing you a good springtime, Leena

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