Antti Tumelius, the new Accounting Manager and keeper of the purse strings of Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland (PSOAS), has just started working at the Accommodation Office with great enthusiasm. Antti previously worked in the field of energy, and now wants to keep the price level of the PSOAS housing affordable and to promote more energy-efficient student housing in the future. Antti studied at Oulu Business School at the University of Oulu and is a former resident of PSOAS.

Student life close to the heart

Antti’s decision to apply for a job at PSOAS was born from his student association background. During his studies, he was involved in several associations, such as Finanssi, AIESEC and the Student Union. “The desire to influence student life has stayed with me since my own student days, and the opportunity to put my professional skills to good use in promoting better student housing made the job application decision ultimately easy. PSOAS also seems like a meaningful workplace and a caring work community,” sums up Antti his job search background.

The new Accounting Manager feels that he has been warmly welcomed at his new job and feels that his colleagues are motivated and competent in their own jobs. Outside work, Antti’s life revolves around the family as well as his cycling and jogging hobbies.

In the future, the spectrum of services and different locations will expand

Student housing is in constant change and PSOAS is actively overhauling its property portfolio. In addition to regular property maintenance, the overhauling needs come from the everyday needs of students. “Having a roof over your head and affordable rental are no longer sufficient; nowadays students also expect high speed Internet access, good recreational opportunities and community spirit in the residential environment. I would see that in the future, this spectrum of needs will continue to expand, creating incentives for us to develop more diversified services in more interesting residential areas. However, any reforms must be cautious to ensure that they do not significantly increase the cost of living,” Antti explains the prospects.

The far-reaching responsibility of PSOAS

In Antti’s opinion, PSOAS’s responsibility for student housing also extends to the societal level, where PSOAS has the potential to influence the environmental impact of student housing through the development of its housing stock. “I want to take student housing into a more environmentally friendly direction in such a way that our properties are energy-efficient, and our residents are well-informed about the state of the environment. This is in the long term not only ethically sound but also economically sensible. We can get on the right path, for instance, by adapting new energy production solutions, utilising measurement data, and by small everyday measures that have an environmental impact. Luckily, students are a smart bunch, so joint efforts will go a long way to improve things. It is better for the environment to act jointly,” sums up Antti.

Antti is already busy at work, and we wish our new Accounting Manager many rewarding years of working in the development of student housing!

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