PSOAS is launching a Fast Lane –service protocol that aims to improve the application and acceptance process of the apartments. The renewal concerns the applications that have been inserted through the application form, in which requirements for the apartment are listed, sent by degree students. When apartments become available, the applicants are offered the apartment that fulfills the requirements they have inserted.

The applicants have two days to address their interest towards the apartment offered to them. The applicant ranking highest on the waiting list has the priority over other applicants. In case they don’t accept the offer, the apartment goes to the next one in line in Fast Lane. 

Those applicants that didn’t receive proposals will move higher in the queue be receiving the next available apartments suitable for them. Hint: therefore, it’s not necessarily good to be too picky when ticking off the requirements for the apartment!

The Fast Lane is an improvement to the previous model for housing application. The queue for apartments moves faster when the proposals leave for more than one person at a time. Therefore, the Fast Lane is also more fair, as those whom are active in the process are more likely to be claiming an apartment. It is also more transparent, as the applicant always gets the information of those apartments available that suits their needs and wishes.

Read how Fast Lane works in the Housing Guide.

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