Basic information

Osoite Mannenkatu 2 / Aurora
Apartment size 11.90m2
Apartment features
Property features parking space, storage rooms, hobby room, laundry room, common sauna
Rent 331.50€ / month
Number of apartments 3


Shared (female)

Mannenkatu 2 A 201/2
Floor: 2


Shared (male)

Mannenkatu 2 A 301/2
Floor: 3


Shared (female)

Mannenkatu 2 A 401/2
Floor: 4


Location info

Aurora is offering the local students a great option for urban student life in the immediate vicinity of all downtown services. The house is located in the lively Lasaretinväylä area which is also a venue for many music and culture events. In Aurora tenants will experience new sense of community and find common space for encounters with other tenants. A top-floor sauna and a gym with a city view are available for all tenants to use. In the street level there’s a cafe-bar Tuba where events of many type take place in the evenings.

In the long run half of the tenants will be Finns and the other half foreigners. Typically to urban housing apartment layouts are efficient and traditional ovens have been replaced by a combination of a traditional oven and a microwave owen to save space. For doing laundry Aurora offers new type of cosy cafe-like premises in the base floor. Those using public transportation or cycling will be better off in Aurora than those driving their own cars since there are no parking spaces available.

Additional location info

Neighbourhood info

All downtown locations are within walking distance from promenade Rotuaari. It is around 6 km from the University and 3 km from the Faculty of Medicine.

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