Basic information

Osoite Albertinkatu 6
Apartment size 46.00m2
Apartment features ,
Property features parking space, storage rooms, hobby room, laundry room, common sauna
Rent € / month
Number of apartments 1
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Albertinkatu 6 A 6
Floor: 2


Location info

PSOAS owns 7 owner-occupied flats in Asunto Oy Meriseppä, Albertinkatu 6. Unlike in other PSOAS locations, the property maintenance services in Albertinkatu are provided by Kiinteistötahkola Oy.

Note! In Albertinkatu 6 you cannot have the free PSOAS/DNA internet connection.

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All downtown locations are within walking distance from promenade Rotuaari. It is around 6 km from the University and 3 km from the Faculty of Medicine.

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