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Osoite Rantakatu 6
Apartment size 63.00m2
Apartment features
Property features storage rooms
Rent € / month
Number of apartments 1
  • Apartment type photos


Location info

Jurvelius House is one of the oldest wooden buildings in Oulu. This building, so full of history, has been tastefully restored to contain modern student apartments.

Each room is unique! The sizes of the apartments vary from one-room apartments of 38 sq.m to two-room apartments of 68 sq.m. Although Jurvelius House offers many features you will not find elsewhere, this also holds true in the other direction as well: there are no parking lots, saunas or laundry rooms here. You should consider this before filing your application.

For CampusNet the only option available in Jurvelius is the 10/10M option that is included in the rent.

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All downtown locations are within walking distance from promenade Rotuaari. It is around 6 km from the University and 3 km from the Faculty of Medicine.

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