This week is the Energy Saving Week for 2016. During the week, the spotlight is on energy conservation tips, actions, and future visions.

For decades, PSOAS has followed the path of sustainable development and sensible management of energy consumption is, as it well should, a focus area in property maintenance. Most of the energy we consume is spent on ventilation and heating. A significant factor here is comprised of structures, equipment, and our behavioural and consumption -related habits. The same goes for all energy consumption.

Values showing the way

PSOAS manages a wide array of different types of properties, and our tenants are also delightfully diverse. The operations of the housing foundation stem from three key values: Tenant-orientedness, responsibility, and cooperation. Using all these, we aim to continuously develop our expertise as sensible consumers of energy. Our properties are being built, renovated, and improved with the highest possible quality in mind: to withstand time and life. We take care of our properties and see to quality property technology. We optimise heating and improve energy efficiency. Cooperation with various construction and property experts is important.

What is central, however, are the tenant-orientedness and the possibilities and incentives in the homes we offer for activities, community spirit, and living life as you see fit. We believe that improving energy efficiency does not narrow, but rather broadens, the possibilities of housing. We strive to empower tenants to impact their own energy consumption by sharing information, by replacing old domestic appliances with new, more efficient models, and by increasing the share of renewable energy and LED lighting. Through consulting – whether remotely or locally – we try to point tenants towards the right choices and to ward off blatant energy monsters.

Expel the energy monsters

The rampage of these energy monsters is evident in your electricity bill if not sooner, so fighting them is recommended for every tenant. Finally, in honour of Energy Week, we’d like to publish the TOP 4 worst cases of energy monster havoc our property managers have had the misfortune to encounter all too often. Fourth place goes to “one hour in a hot shower”, and tied for third place are the monsters of “let’s leave the windows open in freezing winter temperatures” and “let’s leave all our electrical equipment on”.

In second place we have something that amassed an unbelievable bill: “let’s warm our apartment by turning on the stove and the oven and leaving the oven door open”. First place goes to, as a matter of course, the “cooking and woking on the electric sauna stove” energy monster. So, let’s keep those monsters out and the heat in!

Energetic regards, Leena

The writer Leena Neuvonen was appointed as the new property manager at PSOAS in September 2016. Every now and then she will write blog-style articles about things she comes across in her work and feels worth sharing.

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