What all do you need when you move to a place of your own? Pots, pans and bedclothes are definitively vital, and your other essentials include home insurance. Home insurance protects you against sudden developments such as when your study laptop suddenly decides to take a break for good.

It’s never a good time to be faced with unpleasant surprises like a water leak or theft. Home insurance helps you get through these situations – and it’s also there for you if you damage someone else’s property or need legal assistance. The scope of your insurance determines what the insurer is willing to cover in the event of a claim.

It pays off to compare home insurance options

Purchasing a home insurance policy is something that a student’s budget can afford, as students get home insurance on their home at a student-friendly price. The price of home insurance depends on factors such as the scope of cover and the size and location of the home.

Keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best one. Comparing what’s included in the different cover options helps you find the insurance that is the right one for you. For example, if you have any valuable hobby items, consider the policy deductibles and maximum compensation amounts with that in mind.

Every housemate and flatmate needs home insurance

Home insurance gives peace of mind to tenants and apartment owners alike, as it protects your home contents, including items like furniture, domestic appliances, laptops, mobile phones, clothing and a variety of hobby items. The cupboards, cabinets and surface materials in your home are also included in cover. 

When you share a flat with other people, everyone needs to arrange their own home insurance cover, even though you can share other housing costs flexibly. However, if you live with your partner or a family member, one home insurance policy is enough.

When you move inside Finland from one permanent home to another, home contents insurance is in force during the removal and at both homes for up to two months, provided that you have possession of both of the homes. Remember to immediately notify your insurer of the details of your new home.

Premium Plus also covers restoration of computer files

LocalTapiola’s Premium home insurance is our most popular option. In your home insurance policy, you can also choose to include the Premium Plus cover, which covers you for costs such as the restoration of computer files.

A basic level insurance works well if you do not need cover against breakage. A basic level policy is more affordable, and it protects your home and property against fires, water leaks, theft and more. While you’re at it, also insure your luggage abroad at an affordable price and without a deductible. It is cheaper to get luggage cover together with a home insurance policy than to purchase it separately.

Home insurance is also there to protect you if you are forced to temporarily move out of your home after a fire or a water leak and need a temporary place to stay.

In English please?

If you’d like us to contact you on buying a home insurance policy for your PSOAS apartment, please send an email to pohjoinen@lahitapiola.fi.

Maximise your zen. We’re there to help. Relaxing is easy when you have insurance with LocalTapiola to protect you. Buy online to get 30% off on home contents insurance for one year. This campaign runs from 24 June to 30 September 2024. You also get S Group Bonus on your new home insurance.

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