Basic information

Osoite Tutkijantie 2 B
Apartment size 29,5m2
Apartment features
Property features common sauna, hobby room, laundry room, parking space, storage for outdoor equipment, storage rooms
Rent € / month
Number of apartments 1



Tutkijantie 2 B 1
Floor: 1


Location info

These apartments have been renovated from old offices. The whole house went through a complete renovation in 2019. The location is very near to the University of Oulu and a big grocery store. Halla has 24 small but cosy studio apartments in two floors. There`s a free laundry room but each apartment also has a place for a laundry machine. Car parking spaces don`t have a heater. Next door to Halla is an exchange student dorm Routa.

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Neighbourhood info

All apartments in Linnanmaa are located within a few hundred meters from the University. ans approximately 6 km from downtown Oulu.

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