Basic information

Osoite Toivoniementie 1 / Domus Botnica
Apartment size 27.00m2
Apartment features
Property features parking space, storage rooms, laundry room, common sauna
Rent € / month
Number of apartments 2


Location info

Built in 1958, Domus Botnica is the first student apartment building in Oulu. The house is located in ideal surroundings by the river and within a walking distance from downtown Oulu. In 2014 the house went through a complete renovation.

The apartments of this building are primarily offered to the students of the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (UAS). There are in total 16 3-room shared apartments, 18 studios and 18 family apartments in this location. All shared apartments have their own bathroom in each room and every tenant has their own lockable fridge in the common areas.

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Neighbourhood info

Toivoniemi is located on a unique spot in Oulu’s Koskikeskus, by the river. The distance to downtown is just over one kilometer.

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