Basic information

Osoite Tirolintie 2
Apartment size 17.50m2
Apartment features
Property features common sauna, elevator, gym, hobby room, laundry room, parking space, storage rooms
Rent € / month
Number of apartments 1


Location info

Pohjankaleva represents the long tradition of student housing in Oulu. It was named after President Urho Kaleva Kekkonen who was involved in strongly promoting student housing facilities for Northern Finland during the 60s.

Pohjankaleva was built in 1969-1972 and renovated in 1992-1993. There are approximately 200 rooms in shared apartments and some family apartments in this location.

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Neighbourhood info

Pohjankaleva is conveniently located in the suburb of Alppila. The Linnanmaa campus is located three kilometers away – downtown, two kilometers.

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