The main mission of the Student Housing Foundation is to provide affordable housing for students in Oulu.

The mission of the foundation is to arrange housing services for young people studying after primary school in Oulu. We carry out our task by offering our customers as affortable housing as possible in accordance with the Foundation’s good financial management.

Forms of housing

PSOAS offers modern and comfortable student housing. You can find a home that is just the right price and size for you from our diverse offer.

Shared apartments

A shared apartment is the gem of student housing! Privacy and your own peace are provided by your own lockable room. The kitchen and bathroom are shared between roommates and the set of rules for their use is agreed together. A shared apartment is always a cost-effective option and is also well suited as a shared home for a group of friends.


For those who value their own privacy, a studio apartment is a great choice. When applying for a studio apartment, it is advisable to prepare for a longer waiting period.

Family apartments

Family apartments are usually 2-3 room and kitchen units. Couples, families with children as well as single applicants can apply for family housing. Family apartments are also well suited for friends who wish to live together.