How to paricitipate

Voit hakea asuntosi osoitteen mukaan.You can look up your apartment by address.

Lisää kilpailukuva. PSOASilla on oikeus käyttää kuvia myöhemmin muussa markkinointiviestinnässään.

Maksimissaan 5 kuvaa, max. 2 mb / kuva
Add a photo for the contest. PSOAS have a right to use the photos later in their marketing communications.

Up to 5 pictures, max. 2 mb / picture.

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Photographers tips to how to take good photos:

1. Check out your settings
Automatic settings will take you far, but if you want to really invest in photos try to use your phone’s advanced options. 

2. Light
Use natural light as much as possible. Open the curtains and take a photo in a day-time when there is a lot of light. If that is not possible, try to change camera’s shutter speed.

3. Take a lot of pictures
Feel free to try different angles and compositions. You can choose the best photos later.

4. Clean
Even the best decor won’t look good if the room is messy. Clean the extra stuff and garbage away.