Basic information

Osoite Ylioppilaantie 4 uas
Apartment size 17.00m2
Apartment features
Property features common sauna, hobby room, laundry room, parking space, storage rooms
Rent 421.97€ / month
Number of apartments 22
360 kuvat


Location info

These dorms are reserved for the exchange students of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk).

Ylioppilaantie 4 is situated in the Välkkylä area, which is close to the city center and Oulu UAS. There are shared apartments for two people as well as studios available. In shared apartments there are two single lockable rooms and a shared kitchenette and bathroom.

The apartments are furnished with basic furniture consisting of a bed,  table, chair and ceiling lamp. Bedclothes are provided by PSOAS and there is a washing service available once a month for them. Tenants can also do their own laundry in the laundry rooms. Kitchenware is not provided by PSOAS but in most apartments usable items left by the previous tenants are available.


A Wifi Internet connection called Campusnet is available in all rooms. The bandwidth is 100/100 Mb/s and no monthly fee is charged. To use the Campusnet you will first need to create an OmaPSOAS account at The account can be created after the lease has begun with a personal rent reference number which can be found on the rent payment form. Once you have created the OmaPSOAS account, you can login to Campusnet using the same account within an hour.


Mail will be delivered in the mailbox beside the front door on the ground floor. Some of the mailboxes are located behind a separate space behind the glass door.

Laundry room and bed linen storage

The laundry room is located in the Ylioppilaantie 4 basement. To use the washing machines etc. you will have to make a reservation at OmaPSOAS. In the laundry room there are instructions on how to use the washing machines.

Bed linen storage is located on the corridor between the elevators. You can access the storage on the last Thursday of every month, and change your used bed linen into a freshly washed set.


Additional location info

Neighbourhood info

Oulu UAS exchange students:

  • Tutkijantie 2, also known as Routa, is located close to the University of Oulu (Linnanmaa campus).

University of Oulu exchange students:

  • Yliopistokatu 16 and 18 are located right next to the University of Oulu (Linnanmaa campus).
  • Tirolintie 2, also known as Pohjankaleva, is close to the city center about 3km from the University of Oulu (Linnanmaa Campus).
  • Tellervontie 2 is located in the Kaijonharju area within a walking distance from the University of Oulu (Linnanmaa Campus).
Additional neighbourhood info