Basic information

Apartment status rented
Address Virkakatu 5 A 3
Rooms 1h+tk
Size m2 38,00
Rent 388.75€ / month
Floor 1
Place for a washing machine 60 cm
Place for a dishwasher 60 cm
Floor material Laminaatti
Bedroom window Länsi/Pohjoinen
Living room window
Balcony normaali
Sauna no
Stove Stove

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Basic information

Osoite Virkakatu 5 A 3
Apartment size 38,00m2
Property features common sauna, hobby room, laundry room, parking space, storage rooms
Rent 388.75€ / month
Number of apartments 3

Location info

“Anja Allas, the architect who designed the Virkakatu houses in the 80’s wanted to restore the idea of traditional courtyards. She also wanted to persuade the parents out of their apartments to chat and socialize with each other. We need to support the unrooted young families in putting down roots again, Allas says”. This is what Kaleva, the local newspaper wrote about Virkakatu when the houses were being built in 1983. Today the renovated Virkakatu apartments are very popular and offer a unique, peaceful neighbourhood to studying families and couples in the vicinity of the university campus. The name Verso translates as sprout.

Virkakatu 5 apartments are located within a walking distance from the university. The location consists of 10 two-floor houses that have from 4 to 6 apartments each. The houses have been thoroughly renovated in 2011-2012.
Ventilation unit’s electricity included in the tenant’s electricity bill.

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Neighbourhood info

All apartments in Linnanmaa are located within a few hundred meters from the University. ans approximately 6 km from downtown Oulu.

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