Basic information

Apartment status rented
Gender female
Address Tellervontie 2 A 28/1
Size m2 13,50
Rent 190.94€ / month
Floor 5
Place for a washing machine 60 cm
Place for a dishwasher 60 cm
Floor material Vinyl flooring
Bedroom window East
Living room window
Balcony normaali
Sauna no
Stove Stove
Fixed lamp in room yes

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Basic information

Osoite Tellervontie 2 A 28/1
Apartment size 13,50m2
Property features common sauna, elevator, gym, hobby room, laundry room, parking space, storage rooms
Rent 190.94€ / month
Number of apartments 24

Location info

The red-brick skyscraper of Tellervontie rises up from the middle of Kaijonharju’s services. The Tellervontie 2A building is approximately 500 meters from the University.

The Tellervontie apartments, built in 1992, can accommodate 133 students in small apartments and 14 families in family apartments. The location has a sauna and laundry room, as well as a nice clubroom. Families with children will particularly appreciate the fact that there is a day-care centre on the ground floor.

There are altogether 18 rooms in Tellervontie 2 A 1. In addition to rooms there are 3 kitchens and separate bathrooms and toilets for girls and boys.



Mail will be delivered in the mailbox beside the front door on the ground floor. Please, note that all tenants living in rooms 1-18 will receive letters in the same mailbox.


Smoke detector

Each room has a smoke detector. When the smoke detector detects smoke, it issues an alarm in the apartment.

Smoking inside the building is strictly forbidden. Also, please do not hang up clothes to dry on the lamps.


Laundry room and sauna

The laundry room is located on the ground floor and sauna on the top floor. You can book turns to use these facilities in OmaPSOAS. In the laundry room there are instructions on how to use the washing machines.

Bed Linen Storage is located on the first floor on the main corridor of staircase A, between the kitchen and shower rooms. You can access the storage on the last Monday of every month, and change your used bed linen into a freshly washed set.



An Internet connection is available in all rooms in Tellervontie 2 A 1. The Internet connection arrangements are the same as in Yliopistokatu 16-18, please read chapter 3.2.


Cleaning shifts

There are no cleaning services in the dormitory. Therefore cleaning shifts are organized. Each shift lasts for one week, from Monday to Sunday. PSOAS staff will place cleaning lists in the proximity of the shared apartment main door. Tenants are responsible for assigning the weekly shifts equally.

The cleaning lists and tidiness of the apartments are checked on a regular basis. If the apartment is found untidy, the person responsible for the cleaning will be given a note.

If the note does not help, PSOAS will have your flat cleaned and you and your flat mates will be charged for the cleaning. Please, pay close attention to the recycling in Tellervontie 2 A 1. Read more about recycling from the chapter 3.7 Waste Disposal.


Fire doors

Fire doors must be locked at all times. Fire doors are marked. Do not leave a fire door unlocked, even though you just visit another room.

Additional location info

Neighbourhood info

Linnanmaa is approximately 700 metres and downtown Oulu less than six kilometres away.

Additional neighbourhood info