New exchange students of the University of Oulu and Oulu University of applied sciences OAMK can send us applications for the fall semester 2024. All applicants can choose their apartments in the Homerun in June.

Oulu University of applied sciences OAMK 5.-6.6.2024

University of Oulu 12.-13.6.2024

All applicants will receive further instructions by email before the Homerun is held.

Homerun for exchange students

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to apply for housing at PSOAS for your exchange period:

  1. Go to and fill out the open application form. This is very important to do as a first step, because you the applying process cannot be continued without it.
  2. PSOAS will inform you by email about the date and time when the apartments for exchange students will become available.
  3. On that given time be ready on the apartment page to make sure you are the first to book the apartment you want.
  4. If you are the first one to hit the reserve-button, the apartment is yours! Remember to be quick about it, because there will be other applicants trying to reserve the same apartment!
  5. If you are too slow, you unfortunately do not get the apartment. You will have to try to reserve some other apartment.

To rehearse the other details of the housing process see our housing guide.

PSOAS tarjoaa vuokra-asuntoja oululaisille opiskelijoille

Tutustu asuntoihin ja asuinalueisiin ja tee hakemus! PSOASin valikoimasta löytyy niin soluja, yksiöitä, kaksioita kuin perheasuntojakin.

Tutustu tarkemmin millaista opiskelijaelämä PSOASilla on ja perehdy tarkemmin asumiseen, hakemiseen ja muuttamiseen liittyviin asioihin.