Ylioppilaantie 4 uas, Dorms for exchange students

These dorms are meant for the University of applied sciences exchange students.

Ylioppilaantie 4 is situated in the Välkkylä area, which is close to the city center.

The apartments are furnished with basic furniture consisting of a bed with a mattress, a table, a chair and a ceiling lamp. Also bedclothes are provided. For the linen there is a washing service available once a month. Tenants can also do their washing in the laundry rooms. Kitchenware is not provided by PSOAS but in most apartments usable items left by the previous tenants are available.

  • Sijainti

    Ylioppilaantie is situated in the Välkkylä area, which is close to the city center.

  • Alueen palvelut

    There are different services available at the Ylioppilaantie student housing: saunas, laundry room and a club room.Ouluhalli sporst hall and an ice stadium are all in the immediate vicinity of Välkkylä. Within a half kilometer there are supermarkets, a pharmacy and an ATM-machine.

  • Bussiyhteydet

    The buses run along Kajaanintie. Buses will take you to the city centre and to other suburbs.


  • Huoneistotyypit

    Lisätietoa hakemisesta ja sähköisen hakulomakkeen löydät hakeminen-osiosta.

    Koko m²AsuntotyyppiVuokra €
    9,00Huone kimppakämpästä, 2H+KK347,43
    17,00Yksiö, 1H+KK421,97

PSOAS – Mannenkatu 6 A – 90130 Oulu – Puh. (08) 3173 110 – Fax (08) 332 170

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