During the spring, as in previous years, we conducted our annual tenant satisfaction survey. There were 1,127 responses to the survey. Thank you to all the respondents for the valuable feedback, without which the development of the activity would be impossible!

The seven different areas of the survey had almost all developed in a positive direction. Customer service received an overall rating of 8.85 (8.74 in the previous year), property supervising 8.64 (8.64), maintenance service 8.55 (8.38), cleaning 8.54 (8.54), apartments 8.63 (8, 59) and the living environment 8.68 (8.55). Only the overall rating of residential services decreased slightly to 8.67 (8.85). However, more specific questions about residence services all remained the same or even rose slightly.

Within the areas, the greatest advances had been made in the e-mail service (now 8.73, previously 8.52), in the responsiveness of property supervisors (8.67 / 8.57), in the clarity of homepages (8.60 / 8.49), in the storage of bicycles (8, 24 / 8.07) and in communications (8.85 / 8.69). Tenants experienced the most improvement in advanced winter yard work (8.41 / 7.98), which we are particularly pleased with, as it has traditionally been a weak area to which special emphasis was placed on in the maintenance contract last year.

A 150 euro gift card to Verkkokauppa.com was drawn among the respondents. The winner has been notified in person. Thank you to all respondents for participating and have a happy summer!