The day for moving in is usually the first day of the month. It is of course possible to move during other times, but the tenancy agreement usually begins on the first of the month and the rent is always collected starting from the beginning of the tenancy agreement.

Keys are handed out during office hours. If you are not able to get the keys during office hours, you can contact the housing office in order to agree upon different arrangements. If you, for any reason, collect the keys from the previous tenant, write a free-form paper on who is giving the keys to whom, how many keys, and send the paper that has been signed by the both parties to the housing office. There is also a ready form for that in the form bank on the web site.

This link contains important data for the one moving in:

After you have moved check the apartment and the equipment carefully. Fill in the electronic apartment report carefully on PSOAS website within 4 days after you have moved. The information on the apartment report will be compared to the condition of the flat in the final inspection.

When moving to a shared flat you should make ground rules with the other tenants, so that the common areas would keep in condition and clean. Because a shared flat is the home of all of the tenants, please take the wishes of the other tenants in consideration.

Please put felt or plastic pieces under the legs of the furniture. They will protect the floor from dark stain marks. Stain marks can cause the renewal of the floor carpets, because the stain that has been absorbed to the floor cannot be removed. In this case the tenant is responsible for the costs. Also chairs with small wheels on their legs may easily break the vinyl flooring so be careful when using them.