When an apartment remains unreserved about a week before becoming vacant, it is listed as a last minute apartment.

Reserving last minute apartments is done through our website where applicants can browse and make their reservations simultaneously.
You have to sign in to the website to reserve apartments.

NOTE! If you are an exchange student, you cannot participate in the Last minute apartment offerings. Exchange students’ apartments are not offered through this process.

The updated list of last minute apartments will be available on the last working day preceding the last minute apartment offerings at 4 pm. This way you can check the available apartments beforehand. It is likely that some of the apartments will become reserved right after the Last minute apartments opens up. The sign-in opens half an hour before the actual reservation time begins.

When you have reserved an apartment, the accommodation office will check the reservation and confirm it with an offer. The offer is accepted and confirmed by paying the deposit.

In each apartment, in addition to the primary reservation, 2 reserves will be taken due to any canceled reservations. We will confirm the primary reservations on the following working day the latest and contact those who are left in the queue when the primary reservation of an apartment is confirmed.

Apartments are listed and offered as last minute opportunities to avoid them becoming vacant. Therefore, they are primarily meant for students who are not living at PSOAS. A PSOAS tenant can rent a last minute apartment, but will have to pay the rent for two apartments during the first month.