Please keep your home tidy and clean. When you take care of the cleaning on a regular basis, you will surely have it a lot easier and your home will be more comfortable. Here are some tips what to pay attention

Floor and the baseboards

Wipe the floors with a damp cloth weekly. A universal detergent will work just fine and make sure that the dirt will not get stuck. If you have laminate floors in your apartment, avoid using too much water. Also baseboards must be cleaned on a regular basis. They are often forgotten when cleaning up.

Ventilation openings

Cleaning up the replacement air vents (usually next to windows) and exit vents (usually in kitchen, bathroom/clothes room or toilet) belongs to the tenant. Clean up the vent hole with a towel wrapped around a knife. Do not remove any parts of the vent, just wipe it from the outside and areas that you can access without disassembly.


The windows are washed with a mild solution of water and washing-up liquid. The surfaces of the windows are washed with a rich amount of the washing liquid with a lint free window washer or a micro fibre towel. The windows are dried with a window dryer. Factors that guarantee a bright and clean end result are that the rubber part of the dryer in good condition, drying the rubber part after wipes, the right angle between the dryer and the window and an adequate amount of washing liquid while drying the window. While cleaning the windows it is worthwhile to clean the curtains, blinds and the window frames as well.

Cleaning the windows in direct sunlight is not worthwhile.